Charge Your Worth and Convert - Self Study

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Charge Your Worth and Convert - Self Study 

Do you struggle with charging your worth and converting?

If you are a coach, consultant, therapist or creative and feel like you are struggling with raising your rates and charging what you are worth, then ask yourself do any of these sound familiar:

  • Have you been in business for a while, but struggling to convert clients to sign and pay your rates?
  • Do you deeply believe in the service you offer but feel conflicted with getting paid "well" for it? 
  • Is there a little voice in your head filled with a narrative about being in integrity and charging higher rates? 
  • Do you charge a mediocre rate and worry what your client base can afford to pay? 

You probably already know that you want to change things don't you? You believe in your own professional knowledge, but when it comes to applying those tools to pricing, you become stuck.

I absolutely hear you on this.

In fact I was talking about this with one of my own mentors, someone who is a guiding beacon in the coaching industry and I questioned them as to if they are charging their worth and just like many of us, it was not a confident yes. 

I see amazing professionals just like you, FEELING GUILTY about what they want to charge and how they pair this with being in integrity. I see talented professionals just like you, stuck in their own internal chatter questioning WILL PEOPLE PAY the rates they desire.

And then I see established coaches, consultants and creatives just like you, become DEJECTED OVER AND OVER AGAIN, as people question rates, quibble packages and reduce your expert high-level services to that of a special offer package holiday. 

I know this because I was you... stuck in the endless internal noise of wanting to charge more, souly focusing on the money and coming from a place of lack. BUT NO MORE.

Laura Payne Stanley

Imagine when those talented and integrity driven coaches, consultants and creatives JUST LIKE YOU, decide to say no more to undercharging and say YES to CHARGING YOUR WORTH! The standards of your industry will rise. Your development will accelerate with more time to explore your craft.

As a service driven professional, it's time to take control of your livelihood and transition to a world of abundance through connection and service.  

Done with no gimmicks, just truth!

On the Self Study version of Charge Your Worth and Convert, you will find out how to:

Module 1: Create the Life You Want

You’ll learn:  

  •  How to get clarity on the rates you truly desire. 
  •  How to dream cast about the life you want. 
  •  How to understand your Big vision and start creating your future.  

BONUS – How to get Unstuck.  

Module 2: Uncover Your Money Story

You’ll learn:  

  •  About your Specific Money story and how that is blocking you from charging your worth.
  •  About your family money patterns and relationship with money, and how this is impacting your success. 
  •  Details about your inner frustrations and fears about money, release them and create a new money mindset to ignite your success.  

Module 3: Release the Blocks of your Unconscious Mind

You’ll learn:  

  •  What the unconscious mind actually is and how you can harness the power of it for success.
  •  How to release the blocks of the unconscious mind, that are hindering you from charging your worth. 
  •  Simple steps to take to create new beliefs around value and charging your worth. 

Module 4: The Power of Language to Catapult Success

You’ll learn:  

  •  What your relationship with selling is, so you can identify your patterns.
  •  Why your feelings towards selling is key to your sales and wealth creation.
  •  To evaluate your language around selling and the top words to aid success.
  •  How to create your own ongoing tools to make selling become your favourite business activity.  

Module 5: Becoming a sales and conversion ninja

You’ll learn:  

  •  How to get clear on your sales situation so you can start from a place of knowledge to drive you forward.
  •  The exact steps to selling to make it a fun and enjoyable process.
  •  How to overcome objections and convert with your new pricing or packages.
  •  Ongoing practices to step into the role of the powerful sales and conversion boss of your business. 

Module 6: Fortune Flow Forward Technique

You’ll learn:  

  •  How to validate a new value proposition before launching to market.
  • My Fortune Flow Forward Technique to create ongoing and continued success in charging your worth.  

You will have access to the videos and materials of the Group Programme, which will enable you to raise your rates confidently whilst being in integrity while remaining competitive, resulting in services that will fly off the shelf to your ideal clients. 

Course Outline

6 Week Group Course for Coaches, Consultants and Creatives.

What's included on the Self Study Course:

  •  6 x 25-30 minute video trainings 
  •  Supplementary workbooks to accompany each module 
  •  Your own personal membership site with all materials for you to access at any time. 
  •  Private Facebook Group for Community & Support 
  •  Weekly Live Q&A coaching calls with me in the group– your chance to get answers to specific questions 

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Satsifaction Guaranteed: 

Charge Your Worth and Convert was originally a 6 week group course that started on 10th July 2017 which has now completed.

But the content is just too good to collect dust, which is why I'm opening up the Self Study option: